The study will be first explained to you and your informed consent to participate in the study will be sought after your questions about our study have been answered. Questions about medication, health status and family history will be asked to assess eligibility. Contact and personal particulars will also be recorded.

Upon successful enrolment, the study will begin at the same visit with some questionnaires and cognitive assessments.

Questionnaires with regards to your lifestyle, health and nutritional habits will be administered. Anthropometry (e.g. height, weight, skinfold thickness) and body composition measurements will be performed, and your blood pressure will also be measured.

Oral glucose tolerance tests (OGTT) , a standard test used to test for diabetes, will be done to determine how quickly sugar is cleared from your blood.

Biological samples such as buccal swabs, blood, saliva, urine and hair and assessments will be collected before pregnancy.